Adel Humodah Trading Est

Is an individual institution based on the management of Mr. Adel Mohammed Hamouda, born 1945 Shweikeh village where he was the starting point from Palestine to the State of Kuwait in 1961 and began his work in the analysis of cars and freight cars.

1983 Return to Jordan and the establishment of new and used car parts shops and his older brother. The company was specialized in cutting German cars Mercedes Bmw and Opel.

Adel Humodah was founded in 2009 and is owned by Mr. Adel Humodah. It is managed by the owner and his sons. The staff consisted of 4 employees and 1 car.

It was the beginning of the change as the company began focusing on direct import from the country of origin and selling directly to the customer

Specializing in the new and used Korean car parts.

Adel Humodah Trading Est. Also provides the customers with direct car parts through our exhibitions

We also supply insurance companies, car rental companies, government institutions and other companies

2010 The import door was opened from Taiwan with the best suppliers and factories including TONG YOUNG, TYC and DEPO

2011 Construction of special warehouses for the enterprise area of ??1500 meters and double the size of imports to the maximum extent.

2012 The new branch is opened in Bayader Wadi Al Seer area in Amman

  • From 2012 to this day, Adel Humodah Foundation is going up to keep pace with the Jordanian market
  • And the area of ??the enterprise has become 3500 square meters.
  • Note that the proportion of imports doubled, the number of employees has become 22 employees and the number of delivery vehicles 6 cars deliver the goods to the maintenance centers and customers
  • Adel Humodah Trading Est. Has a distinguished team that is capable of bearing responsibility and great experience in the field of car parts
  • The management of the institution also oversees the sons of Mr. Adel Humodah and the number five to manage the centers of the institution
  • Adel Hamdah uses the best types of computer software from sales, warehouses, accounting and special programs in car parts.
  • Adel Humodah Trading Est enjoys the confidence of suppliers and owners of Al-Mukaseer in Korea
  • Adil Hamouza is based on the most powerful exporters in Korea and is well established and well-known.
  • Adel Hamdah offers the best types of cutting and high quality, where the import department inspect the quality of goods in the land of the company before sending it to the establishment. Adel Humodah Trading Company also checks the samples of products such as bricates, oils and filters in the Royal Scientific Society and the Jordanian Standards &
  • We are also keen to import goods bearing international quality certificates.

Now, after a great effort from the management of the institution and all its employees, our organization has a great name and is known locally and internationally.

And this thanks to God Almighty.